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Our Journey & Philosophy

We’re a small team of designers and artists living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, building a range of apparel that offers everyone exceptionally high quality garments & jewellery at an affordable price. Not only this but all purchases contribute positively to the lives of the producers and the local environment.

All of our apparel is created from 100% Thai cotton and silk, dyed naturally and hand painted by hill tribe artisans in Chiang Mai. You can view the entire manufacturing process on our Facebook page and watch how we turn a cotton seed into a beautiful piece of clothing all on the same cotton farm.

Each piece is made individually with home grown cotton and dyes, then woven by hand on traditional wooden looms. These stunning, organic and naturally died fabrics are then cut and stitched into exceptionally well designed clothes, shoes and sandals.

100% Natural Materials Grown at The Source

We work directly with local northern Thai farms and hill tribe growers to grow the best silk and cotton for our blended silk and cotton scarves.


Manufactured & Dyed Traditionally

Our silk and cotton scarves are woven on traditional wooden looms and dyed using naturally grown dyes such as indigo, pomegranate and turmeric.


Helping Hill Tribe Communities

Every purchase from us directly helps the our hill tribe manufacturing partners, who grow, dye and weave allof our blended silk and cotton scarves.